Gruzja 2017

Georgia – reminiscences from the trip

The goal of the next expedition of the Polish Salt Mining Association, which took place on September 10-21, 2017, was Georgia. It was one of the most numerous trips, as 32 people participated in it, including 20 members of the Association. Georgia is a country located on the border of Europe and Asia. And although the conventional continental border runs along the main range of the Caucasus, Georgia, located on its southern side, is often treated as a European country.

We traveled over 2000 km in Georgia. We visited over a dozen of the most interesting tourist places, which allows us to say that we got to know Georgia in half. The second part is another trip. We are satisfied from the geological point of view, observing many interesting places and phenomena for which it was worth coming here. One thing is for sure - no one came back disappointed.

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