X Światowe Sympozjum Solne – Tenth World Salt Symposium

Informujemy, że pojawiła się kolejna zapowiedź dziesiątego Światowego Sympozjum Solnego. Obecnie wydarzenie to jest planowane na  19-21 czerwca 2018 roku w Park City w stanie Utah, USA. Poniżej przedstawiamy informacje ze strony internetowej http://www.worldsaltsymposium.org/ :

The Tenth World Salt Symposium is organized by the Salt Institute, in cooperation with several other salt organizations around the world, and will be held in Park City, Utah, USA on June 19-21, 2018. It is the tenth in a series of symposia since 1962, when the first meeting was held in Cleveland, OH, USA. A full list of the previous symposia is available here.

The World Salt Symposium focuses on the latest research and development in the international salt sector. It covers a wide spectrum of subjects embracing the science, engineering, technology, economics and history of all forms of sodium chloride salt and related evaporites. As a broad international platform, the World Salt Symposium 2018 will enable researchers, producers and users of salt to become acquainted with the latest developments and technologies in this important industrial area. By combining a scientific symposium with the opportunity to meet with internationally renowned experts and associations, the World Salt Symposium 2018 (WSS2018) will present a highly functional and diversified opportunity.

An average of more than 200 papers have been presented in the different technical sessions of each previous Symposium. The theme of the World Salt Symposium 2018 is: “Salt of the Earth” and the technical sessions will be grouped into three main tracks:

Salt Production; including, but not limited to, issues such as:
  • Geology and Geochemistry
  • Salt Sources and Occurrences
  • Salt Extraction Technologies
  • Production Safety
  • Applications and Coproducts
  • Processing, Analysis and Quality Assurance
  • Energy and Economics
Salt and Health; including, but not limited to, issues such as:
  • Salt and Health Outcomes
  • Iodized Salt for IDD Elimination
  • Salt Metabolism
  • New Health Applications
Salt, Safety and the Environment; including, but not limited to, issues such as:
  • New Developments in Environmental Data
  • Developments in Best Winter Maintenance Practices
  • Developments in other Application Practices
  • Salt in History and Culture